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Hardships In Achieving Awesome Fintech Product

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Hardships In Achieving Awesome Fintech Product

Although he spent tremendous amounts of time on this, it was of course impossible to cover every piece of knowledge, especially for folks working remotely. As a result, vendors developed features exactly as described in the tickets, QA engineers did the same work, but after release end clients started to find unexpected behavior in terms of functionality. Let us now apply the strategy definition to fintech products and see where it takes us. Internet adoption and developer mindset are two of the important factors that drove the current state of fintech adoption.

When you build fintech engineering teams which are knowledgeable about a sector, say investments, you will avoid misunderstandings. For instance, a lot of fintech services give an access to their product to credit experts or financial advisors. That’s how they comprise both b2b and b2c segments – working with end-customers as well as third parties. In this case, fintech app development process includes formation of different interface and functionality for each party because each performs actions peculiar to their role.

In the traditional finance system, there is always someone who gets a loan, and someone who gives it. The technology should suit not only for the end-customer, but the service provider as well. For that reason, most fintech start-ups are platforms that offer different functionality, depending on the role – just like Airbnb, which works one way for travelers, and another way for hosts. A lot of enterprises today are starting to incorporate blockchain technology for data security. One way to implement blockchain in your fintech product is to use decentralized storage solutions. They allow you to keep all your data in the blockchain and give access to third parties.

What is a fintech product

He asked whether Bob and his partners would be willing to discuss their company’s virtues and challenges, and the ways they seek to combat these challenges, for a new story. Data breach – this phrasen is a nightmare for companies who work in fintech and a real threat to both their reputation and their customers’ trust. Security is an essential feature you should invest your time and resources into. Make sure you do your legal research, read the acts, and rules before you push your product onto the market.

The Next Time

Study the financial sector you are going to enter, but better yet, hire a specialist. It would be a huge disappointment to learn that your start-up is breaking the law right before its launch. It is not only fintech that must abide by strict, government-regulated policies. If you are doing healthcare business in the US, you have to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . Basically, it is a set of rules that every healthcare-related business has to follow, since they work with protected patient health information. This is an obstacle for many healthcare start-ups unless they can afford multiple fines, ranging from $50k to $1m a year.

Basically, you need to consider a possibility of b2b interactions when choosing tech solution and building a business model. Even if you’re not implementing it in your MVP, it might be a thing later. When thinking about how to start a fintech business, you should also keep in mind the overall industry focus on innovation. One advantage of fintech over traditional financial institutions is its ability to quickly change, provide additional services, adapt to the customer’s needs and offer better solutions. Your start-up ideas must be implemented in a few months to find their market fit and be able to compete with traditional financial institutions. Plus, fintech is full of additional services, so your system has to be flexible.

What is a fintech product

It turned out that these are very common throughout all FinTech startups. He also pointed out that his company’s FinTech Engineering Approach addresses these pain issues while establishing a relentless development process. As per numerous industry reports and statistics, FinTech products draw some of the big-ticket investments globally, almost to the tune of half the overall venture capital investments.

How A Fintech Startup Can Work With Regulations

Blockchain stores communication data across a decentralized network of nodes, removing centralized control of personal data and the possibility of personal data breaches. It’s also recommended to have a financial lawyer specialized in securities law on your team who will analyze how different regulations can affect your business. There, during a coffee break, he met Vasyl, CEO of a FinTech engineering company. They began talking and Vasyl told him about a media platform his team uses to investigate FinTech companies and publish their success stories.

They struggled with hotfixes and lost motivation to keep up with this project. Meanwhile, hiring new talent from the market was too time-consuming and expensive. When Bob explained tasks to vendors, he had to dive deep into financial concepts, explain what is important and what isn’t.

  • Only reliance and predictable results make them loyal, and not a rush over third-rate features.
  • In this case, fintech app development process includes formation of different interface and functionality for each party because each performs actions peculiar to their role.
  • Let’s see how these strategic movements are pushing the envelope in a new-age post smartphone world.
  • Your ability to analyze the results, observe the behavior of your users, and listen to their preferences will influence the success of your product roadmap.
  • The question that might surprise us is – Where is all this investment going into?

Their first vendor replaced team members often, which threatened their innovation security. If one of these ex-team members leaked some info, John would have been unable to charge them as all the team members had standard contracts with vendors. The advantage of having a dedicated FinTech team is that budget usage becomes predictable across the entire project. The dedicated offshore company took responsibility for searching and training specialists, and saved up to 50% of the budget during the first few months. As one might expect, very few developers had been tailored to FinTech, as most of them had worked at bigger companies or requested oodles of cash. However, even hiring several in-house specialists with the necessary skills turned out to be not enough to solve the problem, as they couldn’t replace other team members.

Time Difference

We’re committed to sharing Product-Led growth success stories, experiences & challenges. Ant financial formulated the strategy to cross-sell services using unified platforms across segments. When we talk about data breaches, the statistics are really impressive.

What is a fintech product

Bob calculated how much time a planning meeting should take, but when he held the very first meeting he realized it would require twice as much time. Bob felt desperate; even if he skipped the smallest part of a task, it resulted in even more time and budgeting waste for rework. Product-Led Alliance was founded in December 2019 with a vision of providing an independent learning platform for product pioneers, growth gurus, and go-to-market experts from around the world. Lauded by leading lights like Facebook and HubSpot, it offers expert insights, priceless tuition, and awesome resources. From exclusive content by industry experts and on-demand resources to 100s of hours’ worth of presentations and mentors, our membership plans are designed to be your toolkit to propel growth. Coinbase took the strategic approach in identifying cryptocurrency especially bitcoin offering as a nuanced market.

Hardships In Achieving Awesome Fintech Product

At some point when developing MoneyPark, we had to integrate an insurance company API into the system. However, the insurance company would not allow direct communication between us, so we had to first communicate to MoneyPark. We wasted hours because of this bureaucracy, and it is still the same in 2018. Traditional finance services are not very agile, but your users do not need to know it.

This government agency makes sure that lenders, banks, and other financial institutions don’t deceive people. He’s sure that failure prevention is key, as only fintech industry overview this aspect can make FinTech clients loyal. When John, Mike, and Bob cofounded their startup, they employed self-made intellectual property to differentiate.

Regulations For Fintech Startups

To finish with a quote that I use quite loosely – “Technology evolution is faster than human evolution and the smarter we strategize the product offering the better are our chances”. Paytm capitalized on the demonetization initiative in India and targeted a massive digitally naive population into financial inclusion. Fraud detection systems analyze the client’s behavior and buying habits, and when something falls outside the usual patterns, unique security mechanisms are triggered.


The shift to treating one’s finances more intelligently has led the creators to apply the principles of human-centered design when developing fintech products. Plus, developing an online financial service gets easier with the experience, thus there will be fewer chances that an error will occur. It does not mean that each engineer has to have a degree in finance, but the tech lead or senior engineer should be acquainted with the subject matter. To start with, find experts in building fintech teams who will help learn the nuances of the industry. That done, analyse the sector you are going to enter to better understand what sort of technical partner you will need. Fintech aims to substitute for traditional financial institutions by delivering more efficient methods of engaging in financial activities.

At the FinTech-tailored company, developers sign NDAs designed specifically to address financial domain specifics with both client and vendor. IT infrastructure at the company is designed to be as secure as possible. It’s supported by system administrators with 10+ years of experience, and professionals in penetration testing, who can identify the solution’s security holes. All team members pass a security clearance before they start working on the project, and complete periodical security training. Things improved when RocketWealthPro started collaborating with Vasyl’s company. The developers there constantly improve their financial domain knowledge and keep up with recent trends to see the bigger picture.

Product Strategies For A New World

After scaling the system, the team faced problems with technical debt. The existing architecture and some of the technologies slowed down the development and caused bugs. The tasks for integrations that Bob and Mike committed to outsourcers were always late by one day. This was especially painful if tasks were misunderstood—it took at least one more day to fix the issue.

In this way, hackers cannot access entire repositories of your data in one place. The boost brought by the new team restored his belief in the startup. RocketWealthPro ramped up product development and now deliver integrations as soon as they see the demand. They take an innovative and collaborative approach to the project and are able to keep their loyal clients satisfied. Their steady growth has attracted more investments, so they are going to enrich their product offerings in future.

Product and Strategy are two of the most overused and over-concentrated words floating in the industry for quite some time and rightly so. However, in the United States, fintech companies must comply with both federal and state laws. Seeking a solution Bob, Mike, and John rejected proposals from other outsourcing companies https://globalcloudteam.com/ as they were sure that the problems would be pretty much the same. Bob went to a FinTech event with an eye to finding a solution to the problem. He agrees that safety is a must-have, but equally knows that the product can’t exist solo. Integrations are required to drive more investment options and convenience.

Developers and QA engineers ask business-related questions during grooming and planning sessions. Thus, the product team is now able to prevent all possible fails by adding more details to the tickets. The value of the approach was not lost on Bob and his partners, but they decided to implement FinTech engineering principles with their current team, rather than hiring Vasyl’s company. As a result they made some progress, but the developers lacked financial domain knowledge and thus misinterpreted tasks. Bob insisted on hiring some local folks and downsizing the outsourcing team. Regulatory sandboxes are created by governments and banks as a space for fintech startups to conduct testing with temporarily adjusted regulations.

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